30 August 2010


The late summer bounty of vegetables results in many good meals—fresh tomato soup, tzatziki, gazpacho, pickled beets—filling up the refrigerator. LIKE
The refrigerator, full and evidently unhappy about it, begins an ominous ticking at 8pm last night. DISLIKE
Roy with Sears Appliance Repair is fast, courteous, and good at his job. LIKE
Replacing the control board costs just under $500. DISLIKE (duh)
A weekend of dinners, parties, and errand-running makes for a full couple of days. LIKE
The exhaustion from said outings results in a meltdown at Target. DISLIKED by all those around me
My boyfriend is smart, funny, cute, and capable of withstanding my subtle-as-a-hurricane personality. LIKE
The boyfriend witnesses the meltdown at Target (Me, repeatedly, out loud: I want a cookie. M, thought bubble above his head, silently: You're effing crazy). DISLIKE (or SHAME if you prefer)
Speaking of the boyfriend (we'll still just call him M): the world is better when we find someone so good. LIKE
We have been called lesbians for the speed at which this has developed. DIS. LIKE.
Discovering To Kill a Mockingbird for the first time (don't ask me how I missed it the first 42 years of my life; I don't know) is an unexpected pleasure. LIKE
Realizing the stack of summer reading hasn't diminished, thanks to that controlling Stieg Larsson (and yes, I gave up halfway through book three; I just quit caring), means that I've read less this summer than any other of my life. DISLIKE
Looking back on a crazy, adventure-filled summer: LOVE


  1. I'll always think of this as the 'summer of love' ... And, I can think of hundreds of things worse than being compared to lesbians (though I DO find the comparison rather amusing).

    You should have planned your meltdown for the Fair. Nobody would have noticed there.

  2. I think this just proves that you should join me in boycotting Target until they have implemented more gay- and cookie-friendly policies.

  3. So it's "M" for "moving van," is it? Congratulations. Never too early to haul out the flannel.

  4. Great list. On the topic of To Kill a Mockingbird, if you have never seen tthe movie, you should definitely do so after reading the book. Love them both.

    I think that reading this list has somehow reminded me that autumn is almost here, which has put me in the mind of knitting and reading Bill Holm's poetry (which I have never done but intend to accomplish this fall).


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