01 July 2010

Habitat for Humanity


Habitat = Midtown Lofts


Humanity = Me

The migration begins Friday morning, at the start of a holiday weekend, when everyone either has plans, is out of town, or blowing off their hands with firecrackers. I will be more than content to spend the weekend on my much-anticipated projects: cleaning, painting (every. square. inch), rearranging. If, in the spirit of service (and really, the spirit of America), you have an hour or two to paint a small square, wipe down a counter, or sit and talk to me while I do that, consider yourself invited. Just think, if all my loyal blog readers lent a hand, how long would it take me to paint the entire space? Yeah, a long time.

But seriously, so many of you have asked what you can do to help; here it is. If you'd like to hang out for a bit, and help with a project or three, I'd love to see you. I can promise only this: you won't have to lug boxes, and that when the place is all put together, we'll have a hell of a housewarming party. Shoot me an email (scott.rohr@gmail.com) if you'd like to come by, but know that you are welcome anytime over the coming weeks, and not just to work. I can't wait to welcome you to my home.


  1. Scott, I'm so happy that you're finally getting to move into your own place, and I'm especially happy that I dodged the bullet of having to help yo . . .
    Errr! What I MEAN to say is, of course there's nothing I'd like better than to spend a lovely summer weekend slaving away for you, but unfortunately I have to spend the weekend in Paris instead. Please keep me in your prayers.

    Seriously, I'll be happy to help out after I get back on the 6th. Or at least contribute a Parisian oven mitt to your all-new decor. Good luck and happy moving and redecorating!

  2. Stray thought (my specialty): wouldn't yarn make a perfect housewarming (emphasis on warming) gift. Consider it, Scott's friends.

  3. We owe you some help, but unfortunately we're out of town until late next week. We'll have to help with some of the projects that fall lower on the priority list (and i know you have a list). Can't wait to see it & can't wait for the housewarming!

  4. I can help! I'm around all weekend with very few plans attached to specific time slots. I'm probably as OCD as you about painting, so would be up for an assignment in that area. I'll call you.


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