14 July 2010

Those walls won't paint themselves

That's a famous line, right? No? Anyway, here's the thing: they do. Well, kind of. Ferinstance, yesterday I get home from a grueling day at the office [hahahahahahaha] and Foster Dad has just finished rolling the wall of the living room. Big room now 40% complete! And, by the way, what do we call that room which is essentially entryhallkitchenlivingroomdiningroommusicroomreadingnook all in one? I refuse to call it a great room because I do not live in a town ending in Grove. Bedroom is easy. Master bath, got it. Half-bath (which I prefer to the ladies-who-lunch-like powder room). Laundry room, closets, porch. I have no idea why I just gave you a virtual word tour, but there you have it. The bulk of my space is unnameable.

I digress. Good friends (and good doesn't describe it: more like saintly) Muffi and Tim came over late last evening for the umpteenth time and did more of the nasty hard painting, and I did manage to get the third and final coat of paint on the Stunning Backsplash, but then I had to putter around looking useful and busy while they toiled. Seriously, I wiped the counters down about three times. I may be living in piles-of-boxes squalor, but it's c.l.e.a.n.

We are fast approaching the time when I have some critical decorating decisions to make. I will pretend to involve you and then just do what I already have planned in my head (though I will say Foster Mom made such a good suggestion last night that I have completely rethought the half-bath; you'll see the results soon in Dwell, I'm quite certain).

Onward, mostly-agnostic soldiers.


  1. What did Foster Mom suggest? I crashed early.

  2. It involves you and primitive trompe l'oeil.

  3. For the unnameable room: how about the front room?

  4. Ooooo, proper names for rooms are essential. At my mom's new house, two rooms (nowhere near each other) are called "the sun room" (essentially the kitchen nook and the grandkids' tv room). Maddening, but bound to happen when you build a house with gorgeous windows, on the lake.
    I like "Front Room." Well done, Suzanne.
    Scott, you mentioned this spring that you hoped to visit Monte this summer. Not only are you officially invited (not next week, any time after that), but I have a job for you. (Karma pay-back for all the help you've been receiving?) I found out tonight that I can pick the color(s) to paint the costumemakeupgreenroom and basement hallways at the Fine Arts Center where we perform. I can organize parentsstudentsartsyvolunteers to do the actual painting, but I'd LOVE advice from someone who not only owns his own color fan but scores higher than I do on that colorshade test deal. Interested?

  5. I think of the powder room as My Bath.

    And that other big area is the East Wing.

  6. I kind of liked "Unnameable Room", but mostly because that made it sound like it was used for nasty things.


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