27 October 2010

What is it you can't face?

As the weather gets colder, as fall rehearsals get more intense, as life gets busier, I find myself with fewer evenings free. I hate it. So given the choice between doing something fun, even with people I really like, I'd rather be at home, reading, playing the piano (or banjo), talking with M, decompressing. The introvert in me demands a lot of attention, and doesn't always get it. I'm in the midst of a stretch of meetings, rehearsals, and events that spans 12 out of 14 evenings, and I'm ready for it to be over.

Last night, however, was a worthy exception. I didn't get to stay in. No, off I went (to the suburbs, no less!) for pure Americanish fun: the Sound of Music Sing-Along extravaganza. The movie has been digitally restored, and the print is beautiful, really lovely to look at. I realized that I've been watching a grainy television version of this movie for so many years I didn't realize what stunning cinematography it has. And singing in a theater, with permission, is way too much fun. The twelve (!) in our party had a great time, and I'm quite sure we were the finest choral section in the theater. Thanks to these two, we were also the most holy. Almost.


  1. They look shifty to me ... like they might steal car parts.

  2. It was GREAT! I just loved belting out "Climb Every Mountain" as loud and high as I wanted. Thank you so much to you and Phil for organizing - our lives have gotten crazy-busy as well, but an evening out for just plain fun was so worthwhile.

  3. Why did you Photoshop the profanity onto the hand of that holy woman on the left?


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