01 November 2010

When the day bites. Or, girls in white dresses can take their blue satin sashes and . . .

So, it's Monday and you've had a bad day? Yeah, me too. It doesn't matter why really, and that's not the point. The point is, when theworldisshittyandbadthingshappenandyourcuteboyfriendhasplansfortheeveningandyourpianostudenthasnotpracticedinaboutthreeyearsandyourexstopsbyandnothatisnoteventheshittythingsoquittryingtofigureitout,
so anyway, when that happens, you need good coping mechanisms, right? While I would love to hear yours, you have to read about mine first, because of the neediness. And it's my blog. Herewith, how I made sour watery lemonade out of this major lemon of a day:
  • After 3 (three!) scary days of fiction misfires (Andrew Solomon, your little novel started out with promise until I realized you were the same guy who had an unabashedly tacky gay wedding featured in the Times. There is forgivenes, and then there is shame for one's people), I jumped on the bandwagon of Jonathan Franzen's Freedom. Heavens to Murgatroyd the man can write (and be all evocative about place; it almost makes you like St. Paul). I will see you all in two weeks when I'm finished.
  • Luckily I made a batch of the nuns' good chocolate chip cookies. After panicking at the thought of eating five dozen cookies myself, I gave many away. Even more luckily, I was not so stupid as to give them all away. I had a little Rickie Lake moment about 3pm.

  • White beans, rosemary, and greens. Enough cooking to feel virtuous, but not so much that I had to work for it. Thank you, cookbook project.
  • Hard cider. No photo necessary.
  • If you never sign out of your foster parents' Netflix account, you're always signed in. Season 4 of 30 Rock, you so funny.
  • I totally thought about going for a run.
  • I'm totally thinking about going for a walk. To Jackson's for black chocolate gelato. Because Liberty Custard is too far away. Dang, now I'm sad again . . . 


  1. Mmmmm... Netflix.
    Now I need to work on some snack to go along with it.
    Hope your Tuesday goes better!

  2. Wow, we really should have done happy hour.

    Since A can't talk yet I'll complain for her. parentsdontevennoticeihaveafeverbuttakemetotheerbecauseiamnotbreathingwellhaveatemperatureofoneohfivepukeupthetylenolonmymomfirstivdoesnotworksoihavetogetasecondturnsoutihaveadoubleearinfectionandcroupANDbecauseofallthisididnotevengettogotrickortreatingonmyveryfirsthalloweenever.p.s.howdoparentsmissearinfectionsandasuperhighfeverhello?

    I've been having a rough couple of days too. I had a dark chocolate mocha from caribou which also always helps.

    Hope you are feeing better.

    Can I borrow the Franzen book when you are done?

  3. I feel much better now, Becky. Thanks!

  4. I had a pretty shitty weekend, but I felt better after a good cry (scare my kids kind of cry) a fire and a good lawn-mowing.
    Also cookies.
    Also chocolate.
    Also popsicles.
    Also, more chocolate.

  5. Slow backwards scanning of the Faure CD put a brief smile on my face!

  6. I'm rude to hotel staff for two days in a row. (Warning: this is only a temporary feel-better mechanism, as ensuing guilt for having been unkind to the world's underprivileged will very soon take over. Even if they really, truly deserved my curt words to begin with. Seriously, how hard would it have been to just bring me the damn menu the first time I told you I wasn't interested in the buffet that night and wanted to order from the menu? And no, you are NOT going to be able to make it up to me by asking if I'd like to order from the menu (did I stutter the first time I said that?) and offering it to me after I've already gotten up and am leaving the restaurant in a bit of a huff, to return to my room and order one of the 3 items on your crappy room service menu for the 6th day in a row!)

    OK, it's possible that being rude to the people responsible for my bad mood is not really a sufficient outlet, and I should look for something else.

  7. Plus, I'm reading "Freedom" right now, and 2/3 of the way into it, I'm kind of ready for them all to get over themselves.

  8. * Pepto for breakfast
    * Pepto as a bedtime snack
    When juniorstudentwhoyouentrustedwithaleadershippositionsexuallyharassesacastmateandthreedayslatermakesanotheronecryandyourealizeyouhavetorecasthispart8daysbeforeopeningnightandyourmomisonvacationINMONTANA.


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