10 November 2010

Families moving forward redux, or, I don't end my day going down the hall to an institutional bathroom

I wrote about Families Moving Forward last spring, so you can read that post to catch up. My workplace is again hosting several families, and it's my turn to be overnight host. This is not a tough gig: I finished my rehearsals, grabbed some barbecued chips knelt in prayer, and hauled an air mattress into my office. Now I'll stay up too late reading people.com The Economist online, and wake up early to start my work day early so I can go home early and resume my regular good, full, rich life. I need to be reminded more than twice a year about how much I have, especially when I am too often focused, the other 363, on what I don't.

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  1. Your previous post inspired me to check out FMF and I designated them as a recipient when I signed up for my workplace Community Fund Drive contribution . . .Thank you for bringing them to my attention.

    You're right. It's SO easy to focus on "what I want and don't have" instead of on the ridiculously profligate abundance right in front of us.


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