10 January 2011


: the state of being grateful

That is exactly the state in which I found myself (a much warmer state than Minnesota, bytheby) on January 4. My birthday was one of the nicest I can remember. American Teacakes from A Baker's Wife, a lovely lunch out with Doppelgänger, a convivial gathering of friends in the evening, and so many warm greetings from friends and family all day (God bless Facebook). I loved it all, and more importantly, felt loved the entire day. 2011 is going to be a very good year. It has to be.

I wish that I could knit something lovely for every single person I heard from on my birthday, but since I almost have a life, that isn't possible. Instead, I knit a handsome neckwarmer in a gender-neutral color (it's more blue than the photo shows), using soft Malabrigo wool from Uruguay.

I wrote all your names on little slips of paper, everyone who offered me birthday greetings in some form. That was about 175 of you! The best part is that—for just a moment—I got to think about each one of you, and be thankful to know you.

And now, right at this moment, I have all those slips of paper in a big envelope, and when I type the period at the end of this sentence, I'll draw out a name.

Esther! When I go to work tomorrow, I'll take the neckwarmer with me, and give it to my good friend and colleague. And I'll be giving a little bit back, remembering all that you have given me.


  1. Very cute and very sweet. Also allows me to stop worrying if *I* am being too OCD and return to my search for the perfect computer tote (already in progress, but just as I was going to open yet another tab for a bag company--I have 5 open right now--I saw that you had a new post up).

    Please understand that I'm not making any of this up.

  2. Wow! What a nice gesture. Lucky to have you in our lives. Here's to a terrific 2011!


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