02 January 2011

A brief history of cake

My good friends E and B have been hosting a New Year's Day open house for many years (even though they're really young). When I first got to know them, six years ago, E asked if I'd bake a cake for the party, to help celebrate B's birthday as well. I happily obliged, and a tradition was born (either that or the party hosts are too kind to ask me to stop bringing cake). Others go out on the town on New Year's Eve; I bake.

The first year, 2006, I baked a small cake, covered in fondant snowflakes.

For 2007, a chocolate cake the size of the earth.

We rang in 2008 with a 3-tiered pink affair.

In 2009, I created an unbelievable mess in the kitchen, but the spun-sugar cloud on a spice cake with cardamom buttercream was worth it.

Last year's was my favorite to make, causing an even bigger mess in the kitchen; a forest of faux-bois birch logs made of meringue and cocoa powder, nestled in espresso buttercream.

I thought I might retire after that, but I was back at it this weekend, and yesterday presented yet another cake. Stay tuned for the story of this year's Ode to OCD.


  1. I don't think I have a single favorite. It would be like picking your favorite child.

    The white one was so simple and elegant.
    The chocolate was was decadent deliciousness.
    The pink one was cherry!
    The spun sugar was breathtaking, and the cake was cardamommy goodness.
    The birch forest! OMG!

    At this point we just keep having the party to see what Scott's going to come up with each year. Bravo to an amazingly talented and imaginative baker.

  2. That was so fun to see. I am VERY impressed. Rare you find someone that is a terrific cook AND baker. Can't wait to see this year's model

  3. I'm just dying to see this year's cake now!

  4. Kathryn - He's also a snappy dresser and an above average decorator. Then again, I'm guessing he can't 'dunk'.

    (That IS a sports term, isn't it?)

  5. It is my understanding that Martha, Ina, Paula, and Rachel required 4 joint therapy sessions after seeing your superior prowess. Sara Lee apparently was absent.


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