15 June 2010

Hello for real

I can't believe you allowed yesterday's indulgent post to sneak past. I'm fine, and apologize for the lazy blip.

Hello from Chicago, a city I'm quite certain I was meant to live in someday (not soon; worry not, locals). I am on retreat, not from life, but for work. After a whirlwind start at work a few months ago, I'm taking some time to plan ahead for the upcoming program year. It feels like a great luxury, and I'll be much better at my job as a result. That I've been accompanied here by another musician almost as talented as me is a great help and comfort.

What should you know? I'm chomping at the bit to try independent living, even as I mourn the loss of the comfort and security that the group home has provided (ugh, let's rewrite that sentence). I'm trying to extend runs enough that I finish the Minnesota Half Marathon in August with something resembling my dignity intact. Some of my planned travel has been pared down, both with and without my input, which makes me look forward to certain trips even more. Also, to all you venture capitalists, I have a great idea for a promising invention: the customer visualizes fabric in his mind, and your machine/doohickey/thingamajig spits it out exactly as imagined. Brilliant!

We'll resume some steps in the Glorious Ascent after my return. In the meantime, we enjoy Ms. Earth's first sputtering attempts at summer. She is evidently new at this, and doesn't quite understand how it works.


  1. If I remember correctly, the kimonos (kimonii?) in the MN Opera's "Madame Butterfly" were custom laser-printed. Others probably can confirm or deny this.

    Chicago's a great city (to visit) but I've always felt a reassuring drop in my adrenaline level, every time I head for home. And I'll admit, it's NOT a fair comparison. Glad you're having a good time.

  2. I'm not sure the "other musician" is not in his way just as talented as you are, and I've had opportunity to work with you both - perhaps your emphases are somewhat different. I'd say you are two people of formidable talent and your joint endeavor should be exceptional.

  3. I'm imagining a fabulous Project Runway episode for next season, in which you visualize a different fabric for each contestant and send the design to them via ESP, or possibly wifi, and the winning designer is the one who creates the outfit which best embodies the fabric you created for her or him. Also, the models should be required to recite limericks.

  4. I have the machine - you provide the fabric.

    I still say you should try to sneak a Templeton Rye on the rocks. It's a great knitting companion.

  5. Ellen, we wondered who would take the bait. JM is pleased.

    PJ, we'll talk. And my knitting hasn't come out of my bag since I arrived. Maybe tonight.


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