20 June 2010

Self-imposed blockage

Sometimes blog posts are kind of like sneezes: I can feel them coming on, and when they have to happen, out they come. On the other hand, because I compose a post almost entirely in my head before typing, I spend a lot of time with a particular post, sometimes a few days if it's going to be a particularly self-gazing-at-navel one. So I'm grateful both to Foster Mom and my recent trip to Chicago to taking some pressure off. I've got a big 'un brewing, and it's been tough to think about, much less write about, so I've been holding breath, forcing myself not to sneeze. Crazy, I know, because supposedly this blogging gig is voluntary, but I also know this has to happen so that I can Move On With Purpose and Hopefulness. In the meantime, go read Tom Rachman's The Imperfectionists, because it's a terrific summer read. I'll be back shortly, with what I hope is one last maudlin bit of treacle so we can all get on with our lives (oh, not to worry, I'll still be right here forever; we have a lot of going forty left to do, much of which I'm sure will be completely embarrassing to me, and therefore wildly entertaining to you).


  1. I have a hunch this post is going to be about the oppression of relentless air conditioning and his drive to escape in any way possible.

    Am I right? Am I right?

  2. Deb, that's just crazy talkin'. How can air conditioning ever be relentless?!

  3. Glad you enjoyed the book. Be sure to pass it on to a good new home.

  4. You're an INFJ, among other things, correct? I'm an INFJ and work in a culture where they are scarce or don't exist. In addition to the comic and literary enrichment your writing provides, the familiarity of your thinking is comforting to me. So I, among all these others, am glad you need to sneeze.


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