02 June 2010

We're in public, people

Bad bus ride: four people talking loudly on their cellphones, which is not okay. The guy closest to me chose to have this conversation, loudly, and glared at me every time I glanced his way.

Too Gay to Function: But you need to give me a reason!
Saint on other end: ____
TGTF: It's not enough to just tell me no, because I'll just keep asking.
SOOE: ____
TGTF: But I don't want to pressure you.
SOOE: ____
TGTF: But if I really want to do it and you just say you don't want to without giving me a reason that just makes me feel bad.
SOOE: ____
TGTF: I want to decide together, so this feels equal.
SOOE: ____
TGTF: Fine, but don't expect me to just do it the next time you want to.
Angry disconnect of iPhone. Another glare at Going40, who, mercifully, had only a block left of his ride.


  1. I read something recently, somewhere (how that's for a precise reference?) explaining that listening to half of a two-sided conversation (as above) is much more distracting to our brains than almost anything else. Our brains get busy trying to fill in the blanks or something.

    I was going to suggest we have a little contest to fill in the blanks above, but I'm not feeling very clever right now.

  2. SOOE: "But what if the light bulb gets stuck, like in that episode of Scrubs?!? That's why!"

  3. "You want a reason? Fine. The reason is because hamsters belong in cages."


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