31 May 2010

The Glorious Ascent: Mandate #3

Not all our mandates can be esoteric, full of deep thoughts and hope for the world.

Exercise daily.

Since recovering from surgery, I can't seem to spend enough time outdoors. I prefer movement to sitting, sunshine to indoors, wellness to stupor. I'm no fitness machine, but morning hour-long walks have become a necessary way to start the day, I'm running several days a week, and I'm walking as a general part of life: to the store, to the bus (a tease for Mandate #4), on errands. I've also started tennis lessons, which at only once a week aren't going to change my life, but am planning to start match play through Tennis Minneapolis. I have plans for some hiking this summer, my workplace kickball team starts next week, and I'm going to buy a baseball mitt so that lesbians will play catch with me. Rudy the Big Red Bike is a steady companion, and a little gardening is part of the mix, too. When bad weather sets in, my punch card for rock climbing at Vertical Endeavors will come in handy.

Slovenly no more, I am, always and devotedly yours,



As always, civility reigns, but cleverness trumps.

They shall be called my disciples.