26 May 2010

Turning a corner

I've got my hands in the 10 and 2 positions, and I'm gripping the wheel tightly, but dang this is a curvy road. I don't dare let my focus wander enough to contemplate anything so frivolous as blogging.

Okay, enough with the driving metaphor. But, several people have mentioned that I seem to have turned a (the?) proverbial corner the last two or three weeks, and I would have to agree. My outlook is different, if subtly. I find myself more focused on the future than on the past. I am determined to have permanent housing this summer (more on that as developments warrant). I am setting goals—financial, personal, musical, professional—to live the kind of life I want to live, and that feels good and right and just to live. While I'm not going to start filling notebooks with my personal manifesto, stashing them in my log cabin until I go completely crazy, there are some basic values that I intend to guide my glorious ascent into middle age. Perhaps the last chapter in my life has been fair warning, or cautionary tale, but I intend to learn from it. And even worse for you, I intend to unpack it all for you right here, in a new occasional blog feature: Scott's Mandates for a Non-Sucky Life. To begin, let's come up with a better title.


  1. Using your own words: Scott's Mandates for a Glorious Ascent (to middle-age and beyond)

  2. I'd have to admit a title containing 'non-sucky' doesn't seem destined for the ages ... even if that IS a oversight.

  3. "Queerly Insightful" (or "Queer Insights")
    "Hortatory Hints"
    "Uncle Scott Explains It All For You"

  4. First idea: To foster bliss...
    But "bliss" has been used on too many refrigerator magnets; it's probably on the Scooter list of banned words. (Ahhhh, remember interesting? Migraine anyone? Hegemony? Biology? Vagina?)
    My favorite word, halcyon, is too tied to the past to work in a title that looks forward with intention and hopefulness. Second idea, shot down.
    Third time's the charm? How about something with the word "prospects"? It has a connotation of mining (as in mining the past) but looks forward (literally).


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