12 May 2010

Some favorite things of late

Sorry to go all Julie Andrews on you, but a pleasant few days warrant a bit of reflection, don't you think? May my random list inspire you to waste time coming up with your own. To wit:
  • Lucia's pan-roasted chicken, which I haven't had in eons, made even better with ricotta stuffed under the skin, sitting on a potato pancake and glazed carrots, and accompanied by butterscotch cake with white chocolate mousse and ginger caramel sauce. And brilliant company.
  • 24 attempting to find its inner Bourne. Massive, albeit entertaining, fail.
  • Putting down one satisfying book and immediately finding another. Goodbye, angsty Nazi Resistance fighters. Hello, entertaining history of the cello suites.
  • Pleasantly sore muscles, indicating intense, satisfying exercise.
  • Steady progress on a sleeve.
  • Nailing the left hand trill in m. 5 of the Sinfonia of Bach's C minor Partita—an elusive but worthy goal.
  • Walking shoes for walking, running shoes for running, both allowing movement on a suspiciously swollen and painful toe.
  • Daydreaming about the little house that's—not yet, maybe someday, here's hoping—mine.


  1. Oh dear--are we thinking gout?

  2. Um, I'm not sure which of these bullet points suggests gout. The chicken? Granted, it was a rich dish, but moderation and all that. The toe? I think a sprain or even tiny stress fracture is most likely.

  3. I'm sure the little house dreams of you—the master baker homeowner that's not yet, maybe someday, here's hoping—its.

  4. I just did the math of rich food plus a sore toe. (I expect it to hit me at any moment, so perhaps I'm projecting here.)

  5. Favorites list for Tuesday:
    * Amazon.com delivery. BBC DVDs. David Tennant as Hamlet and Patrick Stewart as Claudius. Mel Gibson has been retired.
    * Wicks Locker brats cooked on the grill, wrapped in warm naan. Fresh Strawberries.
    * Book club with wine and my old-lady-crew. We spent the first fifteen minutes just listing what made us laugh as we read In Cod We Trust.
    * Watching off-the-DL Mauer in the last few innings of the Twins game from the comfort of my home, not outdoors in the November weather. We have tickets for June; may the sun shine.
    * My DVR. Big Bang Theory. Duets on Idol. Glee. (Sue Sylvester classic line: "I'm gonna make it a habit not to talk to students because this has been a colossal waste of time." Ha! And NPH is guest starring next week, which is almost as great as Betty White on SNL last weekend.)
    * The countdown for 4 of my 5 classes: 13. Now 12. Oh, and I'm taking a personal day next week, so make that 11. Amazingly, most of my students are still working and haven't checked out yet. Knock on wood. Do you know how much energy it takes to keep seniors' noses to the grindstone when freedom looms? I guess the November weather makes my list after all!

  6. I just want to hear you sing this to the tune of "My Favorite Things" - I defy you to fit your first bullet run-on into any semblance of a meter or rhyme.

    And YAY cello suites. I actually practiced parts of the 3rd & 6th today... it wasn't pretty.


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