18 May 2010


So it turns out I might have a little bit of a life. While details must still be finalized (like how the hell I'll afford it), I have the following trips in the hopper over the coming months:

  • mid-June: Chicago, for a planning retreat with fellow extraordinary musician (he's extraordinary, I'm just a hanger-on)
  • late June: North Shore, hiking with the Prof Ks
  • July: Montana, to visit the parents, and some more of the hiking
  • August: New York, for a college friend fiesta
  • September: Amsterdam and Paris, reacquainting myself with two favorite cities and one favorite friend
  • January: Sedona with the foster parents
  • late winter: Cape Town, South Africa, to see the Prof Ks in exile

1 comment:

  1. Sounds wonderful!

    And let's not forget visiting firends-turned-shut-ins by orthopedic surgery...


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