04 May 2010

An iPhone Moment: Streetwalker Edition

I'm pleased that I was able to snap this photo without breaking stride. Just two neighbors meeting in the street to chat, one in her chenille robe, the other in saggy-ass flannel pajamas. Good morning! Howsabout we all go inside and get dressed before greeting our public?
P.S. I have a super cute outfit on today.


  1. In Paris, I once saw an old man walking back from the bakery, carrying his morning baguette, wearing his robe and slippers. So perhaps your neighbors are just more ardent followers of French fashion than you.

  2. Does the rule about not wearing white before Memorial Day apply to bedroom slippers?

  3. Hmmm. Stephanie, when I visit Paris, I book a favorite hotel near a house of pompiers in the Marais. Seems they like to go out for a morning run each day and I'm there with my warm croissant and chocolat chaud to view their return, once they are are all sweaty and pumped up (so to speak).

    Maybe that should go on your short list when house-hunting, Scott. # 35: Near a firehall.


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