13 May 2010

Turned-on Bach

Piano club—a monthly performance group that a half dozen of us have maintained for over eight years—met tonight. I'm working on Bach's C minor Partita, and played the Sinfonia from it this evening (not half badly). As I was playing tonight, I had a little blast from the past: one of my favorite albums of childhood. As a little Montana gay boy, I loooooved the Swingle Singers. There, I've said it. Combining the musical maturity of my present with the unbelievable nerdiness of my childhood, I give you the Swingle Singers performing my Bach Partita. Sublime, or something.


  1. I like both versions quite a bit.

    Practicing the piano (combined with your superpower) seems to be paying off for you.

  2. I love(d) the Swingles. What does that say about me?

    You probably went nuts for Manhattan Transfer, too.


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